Imagine a world where everybody can unreservedly and securely advance and appreciate every basic freedom. It is no wonder that a solid, respectful society is the key to this vision. At HRC, we advocate gathering, affiliating, and articulating and supporting basic human freedom, in an attempt to turn this vision into a reality.

On a larger spectrum, the foundation of HRC rests upon changing lives, one at a time, so that each of them can reach the full potential that they are capable of. We work with individuals, families, children, and society at large by addressing poverty, disparity, and injustice.

Working from grassroots to the way up, we diligently partner with NGOs and government associations to work on grievances and complaints that might seem impossible to help on the surface. From mainstream schools and universities to emergency clinics and mature age-homes, our vision entails all the pieces that are necessary for a nation's long-term growth and lasting development. With our dedicated efforts, numerous lives across the country have managed to find support and dignity. It is in lending of this hope to the hopeless that we find the purpose of our organization and our lives.


The mission of the Human Rights Council of India is to work for the security of fundamental rights for every citizen in the country. We ensure that people realize the rights they have by virtue of being an Indian and that they are impartially imparted by the authorities responsible for these rights.

At HRC, we tend to all kinds of infringement, both intense and incessant, especially those that put life in an inevitable hazard. We considerably address grievances from powerless individuals, monetarily and otherwise, and work towards empowering them through every means possible.

Through generous contributions from our members, valued benefaction of our donors, and untiring efforts by our volunteers, our commitment to the society remains to –

  • Foster the spirit of service in Indian communities
  • Educate the masses and make them aware of their rights provided to them by the Constitution of India.
  • Establish, set-up, run, maintain, assist, and promote various facilities that enhance the educational, the medical, spiritual, and humanitarian infrastructure of the country.
  • Make justice and cure accessible to every individual across the length and breadth of the country
  • To render hope to the hopeless

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