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Established in 2015, Y4D Foundation is a youth led organisation working on empowering the underprivileged masses in rural, semi-urban, remote, or tribal settings through various and innovative interventions like Environment conservation, women empowerment, Food safety and security. Quality Education, Skill Training, Livelihood & Health Care. Y4D supports the SDG 2030 of the UN and places a strong emphasis on the ESG framework's "Social" pillar


  • Empower Youth through encouragement, education and employment to build a strong and prosperous society.
  • Work on various aspects impacting children to build an empowered future generation.
  • Empowering Citizens to live with dignity and get equal rights for them in society.
  • Creating a healthy, sustainable and Safe environment for citizens to live.


Y4d, after observing that elementary-level books provided to students are overly focused on academic requirements, recognizes the need for a more comprehensive education that nurtures non-academic skills. In response, Y4D has developed the "Book 4 Purpose" through careful planning and collaboration with partner schools, seeking to offer students a broader exposure beyond their academic curriculum for which the. Key activities include
  • Library Setup
  • Hand holding with students to lead the school library
  • Book Collection
  • Training Programs
  • Awareness Campaigns


  1. Students exhibiting enhanced Cognitive Development
  2. Empowerment of Marginalized Students by providing access to resources
  3. Improved language proficiency and better Communication Skills
  4. Students exhibiting heightened empathy and Enhanced Emotional Intelligence.
  5. Parental Involvement in their child's Education enriching parental bonds

Your support matters. Donate today to create reading spaces. Together, let's unlock the power of reading!

Support 1 unit of the library : INR 25,000

Support 2 unit of the library : INR 50,000

Support 3 unit of the library : INR 75,000